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Blogger’s Block


It’s official. I have blogger’s block. Note that this is different from writer’s block. Outside the realm of my own personal blog I’m really writing quite a bit. Still not as much as I should and nowhere near as much as I’d like to, but material is being generated in my brain and occasionally transferred to a Word Doc.

Photo via Flicker User I'm George CC

In spite of this, every night I open up my WordPress Admin site and stare at my blog and think, “Geez the handful of readers I have are going to forget about me if I don’t start posting more than once a month.” And then I think “I’m going to start posting at least once a week. That makes for a responsible blogger, right?” And then I think “I’m going to blog about….aww Phoebe [my cat] wants lovins…poor baby…how can I resist that face...” And then I spend the next ten minutes making kissy noises to get her to come within arm’s reach and the ten after that petting her before I decide that I want cereal. All the while my WordPress Admin site is silently chastising me for being a bad blogger.

So today I sat down and realized it’s not that I’m not a bad blogger. It’s that I never have anything interesting to say about my life. I mean, the name of my blog is See Jenn Live and in all honesty I’ve not had time to live all that much. Really it’s just same ol, same ol. And when writing a blog, same ol same ol does not good reading material make. At least that’s what I thought. But as I was reading through my list of “Read Daily” blogs, I realized that sometimes admitting that you don’t have anything interesting going on it just as interesting as watching the world explode. Sometimes people crave the sort of regularity that doing regular routine tasks of life creates. Many of us live in a world full of drama, whether of our own creation or circumstantial so the occasional dose of nothingness is a breath of fresh air. Well inhale deeply, all ye who feel driven to the brink by the sheer flurry of activity that is your life. Breath in the bland aroma of a life in first gear. I’ll switch gears shortly I’m sure, but for now, I can be good with same ol same ol.