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There are some things by which a person should not be judged; race, gender, sexual orientation and religion to start with.

I humbly submit a criterion: Google search history.

With such a wealth of information at our fingertips and basically the whole internet easily parsed and sorted for our convenience and instant gratification issues, one should not be held accountable for the random things that become necessary to Google. Naturally I say this purely in defense of my own recent use (or perhaps abuse) of Google.

Due to various writing projects I had going at any one point the following search terms can be found in my search history.

  • organic food
  • Oklahoma bee keepers
  • killer bee
  • Africanized bees
  • honey bees
  • pesticides
  • natural pesticides
  • pollination

Ok, so first go-round it seems normal. They are at least partially related and though I can’t get a plant within 50 feet of my apartment without it shriveling and dying, its not too far fetched an Oklahoma-girl might Google those things. But it keeps going.

  • deaths by killer bee
  • bee lethality
  • bee toxin lethality
  • needle gauges
  • serial killers
  • sideshow performers
  • circus freaks
  • birth defects
  • backwards knees
  • horror film directors
  • psychopathy
  • mental defects with deformities

Now we’ve wandered into creepy. Maybe just a bit past creepy. We soldier onward.

  • torture house Chicago
  • torture methods
  • torture chamber
  • hallucination
  • fantasy
  • sleepwalking
  • waking dream
  • murder in sleep
  • sleep walking crime
  • heroine addiction side effects
  • delusional paranoia
  • schizophrenic murderers
  • schizophrenia symptoms
  • Pizza Hut

Taken out of context I should be institutionalized. And Bryan should be very, very worried.

But when you understand I just wrote on article on the startling declination of the honey bee population and its subsequent effects on Oklahoma agriculture, the first bit of my search history make sense.

A quick look at the science of being scared and why humans seems to enjoy is being developed into a magazine article, starting with the first version of “horror films” available in the form of circus sideshows.

The last parts are research on a new novel idea I’m toying with. Except the Pizza Hut bit. I was hungry and didn’t feel like cooking. Constructing character outlines for psychologically troubled girls is hungry-making work…

Ok, so even in context its a little troubling that of all the happy, fluffy, sane topics I could write a novel on I chose severe mental disturbances but again, people like to be scared. I know because I found it on Google…



The blog title may be slightly misleading. While what follows is, in fact, a list, it is difficult to classify the contents as words. At least for me. This list contains words that I hear on a regular basis that are not ACTUALLY WORDS! Yes, I went Billy Mays there for a moment. But it is every ounce of self-control not to physically twitch when the following words are used. Mostly because they are NOT WORDS!!!!!! (Now look what you’ve made me do. I’m violating grammar rules for punctuation because of this.)


Polka dots, I get. What the hell are polk-ee-dots? This one is particularly problematic as I work in an arts and crafts industry by day and polka-dots are sort of thing for these people.  As are, apparently, polk-ee-dots.


When President GW Bush did it, it was sad. When anyone else does it given the extreme amount of backlash, ribbing, and downright cruelty that emerged from President Bush’s mispronunciation of it, it is sad and ridiculous.


As in saying LOL in verbal communication. For the record LOL is actually supposed to be a typing shortcut for Laughing Out Loud. Admittedly it is now used as an indication of being mildly amused and rarely means the sender has actually laughed out loud but has really just blown more air out of their nose than normal. But when physically talking with a person, using the term el-oh-el is ludicrous. JUST LAUGH! Or giggle or chuckle or make that weird guttural “hungph” sound humans make when mildly amused by something. Do not say el-oh-el.


On a related note, BRB and Be Right Back have the same amount of syllables. It literally takes the same amount of time to say the words as it does the letters. I understand abbreviation & acronyms. I grew up a military brat where acronyms are a way of life. I have a love affair with NASA (itself an acronym) who I think make up names just for the sake of applying cool acronyms. (Case and point: DAFT, or the Dust and Aerosol Feasibility Test. Really, NASA? Really? I get the need for the research. Dust is bad. Dust without gravity is worse, but DAFT? That’s just daft.) But the point of an acronym is to save the trouble of spewing out long strings of words. Be right back is not a long string of words. It is, in fact, the opposite of a long string of words. Go right on ahead and display your mastery of the English language if you find you must momentarily excuse yourself from present company.


Unless Apple has strayed into the production of hunting gizmos, the word is idea. I-dee-uh. Not an ‘R’ in sight. Stop it.


If this is a word you find yourself using in any other context than making fun of people who use the word stupider, get out.