Words I write currently:

Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine ( credited as Jennifer Tylbon)

DIYEmbroidery.com (credited as JennT)

Words I wrote before:

GeekMom (credited as Jenn Tylbon)

Blogs & Sites I Totally Dig:

The Irrefutable Opinion

Cheltanham Road


The Oatmeal




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  1. Who owns the moon s fun. Robert Heinlein wrote a story thats deals with this in detail called The MAn Who Sold the Moon. Have fun.

    • Yes, I know of the book. Ive not read it. My geekmom post was only a brief documentation of the UN laws regarding who owns the moon. It wasn’t exactly a highly detailed account aimed at space geeks. It was more aimed at space interested (like me) who really don’t know these things.

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