I’m Jenn. I’m a freelance writer and live with my  family in Oklahoma. I was one of those who, as a teen, swore up and down I was getting out of this podunk state as soon as possible. Ten years later I love it here.  I serve as the special projects coordinator for a local embroidery company and work with the local AHL hockey team as a production director.

I’m a ginger with a mild obsession with Chuck Taylor’s and sharpies. I play the bass guitar and sing rock/folk/indie music although I used to sing opera. I pull off a business suit surprisingly well for a girl with tats and a swatch of rainbow colored hair four months out of the year. (Only in the hockey off-season) I desperately want a motorcycle and a book deal. I have neither a motorcycle license nor a completed manuscript so one step at a time I suppose.

Also, this: about.me/geekjennt

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  1. Hello,

    I followed your Geekmom post over here. I think maybe we are twins separated at birth type of thing. Ok, not really, but the similarities are striking. I’m a Jenn, I would luv to blow things up for a living, a divorcee, also a christian, soon to be writer, and my kids are the only reason I don’t eat my breakfast at lunch time! I also love to play with words, more in a twist them this way and that sort of way, but twisted nonetheless.

    I think that I have mangaed to differ slightly at the marraige mark. My first experiment in marriage misery resulted in three kids in 12 years, and I have been rediscovering the real me for five years. My ex is a big jerk and more than that, but we (the royal we) are not bitter or cynical, ahem.

    Anywho, your posts made me smile and giggle, and I wanted to say thanks. Hope you enjoy your new space to be you!


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