Fine Line


There is a fine line between many things in life.

Persistence and Obstinacy
Patience and Indolence
Enthusiastic and Irritating
Detail-Oriented and OCD
Assiduous and Nazi

The trouble is that so many people find themselves walking those damn near invisible lines. The project starts off well enough and then slowly, painfully, people start tipping over those lines.  The hard-worker suddenly morphs into Hitler re-incarnate and the patient easy going one on the team is napping in the corner.  Is that drool?  Gross.  By the time the project is completed there will be gnashing of teeth, a few more holes in the dry wall and you are considering a career change.  All because of hard-to-see, easily crossed, dangerous lines that criss-cross our personalities.

So today I’ve decided to attack these lines with Sharpie Markers because I’m tired of walking those lines, tripping over my own two feet, and landing on the wrong side. And I’m more tired of others around me tipping over to the dark side of human nature.  Perhaps if these lines were slightly more visible then we’d have an easier time of it.

So as you walk through life, keep an eye out for Sharpie stripes.  If, however, those stripes are across a person’s face, that doesn’t mean I found an easily crossed line across their cranium, it just means they spoke to me at the wrong time of the month.

Never anger a red-head holding a Sharpie.
Damn, found a new line.
Hormonal and Homicidal.

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