Mankind has come round full circle.  Five thousand years ago language was burgeoning.  Squawks and glottal sounds fell into sequence and came to represent things, actions, and ideas.  Three thousand years ago variances developed and thousands of linguistically different languages emerged, developing, taking on character and definition all their own.  One thousand years ago, language was used to rule, teach, and continued to expand.

Five hundred years ago fluid, graceful prose expressed the depth and breadth of human emotion, understanding, and enlightenment.  One hundred years ago words were just as powerful as the cannon, sword, and modern weaponry. Fifty years ago children were taught to speak properly and coherently, using phrases like please, thank you, yes ma’am, no sir. Twenty-five years ago the internet was made.  And it all went downhill from there.
Take for example the conversation I was privy to earlier today.

Goin out t’nite?

Congratulations, mankind!  We’ve made it back to monosyllabic grunting as a means of successful communication.

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