1. Any reaction in which light it emitted, often without the generation of heat, by means of a chemical reaction
2. Light-emitting reactions arising from a living organism, such as the firefly or jellyfish.

1. A reaction, chemical or otherwise, that succeeds in creating a dim glow of recognition, cognizance, or humor.
2. A word that is completely and clumsily made up by the author.

Everyone with even an ounce of ambition harbors a faint hope of being famous (or infamous) for something.  A blog is NOT a good way to be famous. Countless blogs disappear into the sea of forgotten attempts at writing, poor or otherwise. Most start strong and then taper off, the writer discouraged that no one seems to care. I’m ok with just a handful of people caring about my blog.

This is not my attempt to be famous.  This is more closely defined as an exercise in discourse with no clear beneficiary. So to the poor historian who has stumbled upon this attempt at twenty-first century wit, my congratulations and condolences.

However, this being said, I was elated to discover that perhaps a few people do care. (Besides my mom, Cyndi, and Judy…hi guys!) A fellow blogger and Oklahoman spotted See Jenn Live and asked for some blogging advice. From me?!? Someone asked my blogging advice. Now the logical part of my head says that this is a perfectly normal thing. After all I do write for and I’ve maintained this personal blog (with some lapses, I’ll admit) for long enough to have a few followers. That means that I must be doing something right. But to have that recognized outside the digital world, by a human who actually lives, breathes, has eyeballs, and knows me is a little bit astounding.

I can’t say for sure what, if anything, I actually contributed to her blogging experience. It felt a lot like me talking a whole bunch and her enduring me, sorry she asked. I know that wasn’t the case at all. I hope was able to be a semiluminescent resource for her. Best of luck, Oklaphobia!

And when your blog is turned into its own book my lawyers will be in contact with you regarding my cut of the profit as a consultant.

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  1. Since I’m a single dad with custody of my 11 yr old I follow both geekmom and geekdad. When I noticed you were a fellow Okie (loved your tornado post the other day) and you “work” at my favorite museum in Oklahoma, I had to start following your blog specifically. (I’d have to think that working there is more play than work!) I look forward to your future posts 🙂

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