Movin’ On Up


I hate moving. Boxes, packing, stuff, stuff I don’t need, stuff I’m still going to move to my new place just in case I might need it at some point, stuff I’m emotionally attached too, stuff I actually need but wish I didn’t.

I love moving. A new opportunity, a fresh start, a chance to decorate AGAIN, a place to make my own, a symbol of continued prosperity, a chance to relive those memories because I finally found that box of pictures, a chance to buy new stuff (that I probably still don’t need: see above), finally dusting that shelf I’d been putting off, unpacking.

I hate moving. I love moving. I have to go pack.

This chaos used to be my living room. Now its a staging area for hell.



About jennteee

Jenn Tylbon is a geek, a writer, and a red-head. She lives in Oklahoma City with her family. She is constantly seeking the balance between family, writing and finding & destroying all Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies with her face. For more info on her go to

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