Perks of Crappy Apartment Living


Living in a crappy apartment is not for everyone. But in an attempt to be more optimistic I’m attempting to list all the perks I’ve discovered while living in my terrible apartment.

To begin, I live in Del City, America (No, you’re not supposed to have heard of it…it just sounds more impressive when you list the country instead of the state.) My apartment building is a former motel, complete with a courtyard that once contained a pool. At some point in some former owner’s wisdom they filled in the pool with dirt and grass. They didn’t bother with removing the arched pavers that surrounded the pool so it still looks like a pool filled with dirt and crab grass. The positive in this: if ever I feel the need to socially ostracize myself, I can go for a pretend swim (complete with arm floaties of course) and my neighbors are more likely to leave me alone.

I’ve always liked antiques and my stove definitely qualifies.

Yep, those are buttons to turn it on. At least its electric?

My knowledge of Spanish curse words has increased exponentially thanks to my argumentative downstairs neighbors. If ever I’m suffering from a touch of insomnia and need some entertainment the infomercials can no longer provide, I vacuum the same spot in my bedroom for about ten minutes and it starts them right up.

My use of synonyms and descriptive adjectives is getting better as I routinely find new ways to describe how thin the walls are. Paper-thin, see-through, wafer-thin, perforated polystyrene…

I never have to wonder what my daughter is doing in the other room. (See Above: Words for thin walls)

As much as I may complain, I enjoy it. Not because its a crappy apartment and I’ve inherited a good number of six legged roommates. Not because my building manager doesn’t speak English or I feel the need to have two security chains on my door. Its mostly because its mine, crappy or not, its still mine.


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  1. Great post! I love seeing the bright side of possibly negative situations! Another ‘plus’ is that it’s what you can afford (for now) and its four walls give you and your daughter a private place to grow as your own little family. Never underestimate the importance of just having your own space, crappy or not!


  2. I was googling “perks of living in an apartment” because I am trying to look on the brighter side of our thin walled situation. I love your descriptions! Haha! This is an old post, I know, but I wanted to tell you that a complete stranger appreciated your upbeat humor about the annoyingness of my situation, thanks!

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