My Dream Home According to Disney


I am a Disney girl through and through. I was weened on Little Mermaid, memorized every word of The Lion King, and reveled in the new age dawned at the release of Toy Story. It is in my blood and I, in truest mother form, have passed the torch to my daughter. She is completely (and thankfully) obsessed with all things Disney. Her favorite is Beauty & The Beast followed in a close second by Princess and the Frog. Christmas was thoroughly Princessed out and I was one proud Momma as she ooh’ed and aah’ed and properly swooned over every piece of pink lamay and glittery ribbon and plastic light up Disney bedecked item that poured out of every other package.

While I’ve naturally offered her some encouragement toward Disney and it’s princesses, I’ve done my very best to keep her options open. I’ve also encouraged her to Lego (which she is still a bit young for all in all), I’ve offered up Dora, Backyardigans, Wow Wow Wubzy, and a host of other things and while she enjoys them, nothing holds such a terrific attraction for her than Disney. Even Mickey Mouse, to which she has been little exposed, will catch her eye and begin a full-scale joyful riot in the store.

Watching my daughter’s burgeoning passion, slated to match my own, I found myself delving back through fond memories of my carefree Disney days. I sang Part of Your World for every single talent show my school put on from 1990 to 1994. Even then I kept A Whole New World on the back burner, just in case. An unexpected recollection came to me late one insomniac night and I thought perhaps another might relate. Thus I present to you my dream home according to Disney.

The Architecture & Neighborhood – Lady and the Tramp

Family Room – Oliver & Company (Mostly because of the window)

Bedroom – Aladdin **

Library – Beauty & the Beast

Daughter’s Bedroom – Princess and the Frog (Charlotte’s Room) **

Parlor – The Aristocats

Trinkets to Decorate – Little Mermaid

Garden – Alice in Wonderland

Yes, I’m well aware that the logistics of fitting all that stuff plus the necessities like bathrooms and closets in a house the size that I presented are just this side of impossible. But that’s what fairy dust is for. What rooms would you add? If you can’t think of all the movies right off hand, check out this site! It was fantastic for jogging the ol’ memory. Even reminded me of a few I need a refresher course on, like The Black Cauldron.

**Note of interest. While attempting to search for a still of Jasmine’s room as it appears in the movie I began with Google to get a feel for terms to use on the open source engines to find a picture that is not copyrighted. It’s how I always image search. I now know it is a VERY bad idea (and not kid friendly) to Google Jasmine’s room.  I’m no naive, sheltered little flower here, but people have some serious issues. Hence, we’ll just say that no image is available. The same issue occurred while searching for the Princess and the Frog. Sigh. To each his own, I suppose, but really? Freakin’ really?


About jennteee

Jenn Tylbon is a geek, a writer, and a red-head. She lives in Oklahoma City with her family. She is constantly seeking the balance between family, writing and finding & destroying all Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies with her face. For more info on her go to

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